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EDC - Every Day Сarry.

Under the definition of EDC realize a compact and non-burdensome set of items without which a person would be uncomfortable in everyday life that could meet their needs both at home and in the event of a contingency, God forbid, an emergency situation. How often do we find ourselves in a situation in which all could change; one detail, one thing plain, that would give you the opportunity to fundamentally change the status quo. Never caught myself thinking, "Now would be a knife" or "would be a screwdriver", "why I did not bring a gun" and so on. Sometimes such mistake finishes with a disappointment, and sometimes it can have much more serious consequences. And why is this happening? In our opinion, because the citizens are still not ready to banal life situations that occur in our country all over the place, regardless of our desires, behavior and social status. It can be extinguished light in the stairwell, dropped by key; your car in a dark yard, cutting food on a picnic or in the office, open cans; Unscrew the nut or screw on the office chair or at night in the car on the road, you want to save the information electronically or on paper, someone got sick, even banal wearing a personal defense weapon becomes cumbersome and inconvenient due to our climate and plenty of "conscious" and fearful countrymen. What can we say about the extreme situations of the series: cut jammed seat belt in an accident, break the glass, warm up in the woods if you stalled the car or you get lost, filtered water when there is no available drinking water, protection against aggressive-minded animal, person or group of persons .

Address such issues will have to quickly and independently, it would require a lot of things. In a set of EDC, in Russia it is called portable emergency may include a variety of things, but most often it is:

  1. Holster bag for placement and concealed carry firearms or traumatic weapons, things and personal belongings.
  2. Firearms.
  3. Knife, usually folding, good company, with a large margin of safety.
  4. Lantern, reliable and durable, with a good supply of the glow.
  5. Multitool. Reliable and the most versatile.
  6. Lighter and steel.
  7. Pen and diary.
  8. USB flash drive.
  9. Rope, handcuffs.
  10. Communication: phones, smart phones, PDAs, tablets, netbooks, etc..
  11. Medicines.

EDC is completed individually, based on the characteristics and lifestyle of each individual: the specifics of his work, his territorial residence, health, etc.

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