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Overview of self-defense weapons

In the Russian arms market citizens are severely limited by our imperfect laws. Due to the fact that our government can not create any legal basis, nor competent gun law nor provide a safe circle of owners and control in arms trafficking. In this regard, a "normal" weapons available to us.

From the fact that today is sold legally in self-defense to citizens there are several categories that we believe we will list from the least to the most effective weapons

  1. Stun.
  2. Gas pistols and revolvers.
  3. Sprays.
  4. Firearms limited destruction.

Let's look at the pros and cons, the above categories of self-defense weapons.

Stun guns are effective enough at his power, but they have a mass of significant drawbacks. Of these, we have identified the following: mandatory contact with the striker, be sure to use it on the open parts of the body, or a significant loss of efficiency of use, availability of supply item that can fail.

Gas pistols and revolvers, we would not call an effective weapon of self-defense, as they are uncomfortable when carrying out the necessity of wearing the holster to under clothes. For the same reasons, they are inconvenient to use. Also, they are inefficient, because can not be guaranteed to bring the enemy out of action due to the fact that they have a very limited radius of destruction, which because of the nature of weapons can hit the defender himself, and in a confined space is guaranteed. Such weapons can only try to frighten or to attract attention due to noise effects.

Gas cartridges are largely consonant with gas pistols and revolvers, but they have their advantages. They are compact and comfortable accommodation to wear, besides many models instead of inefficient gas cloud, we have a clear direction of the jet striking composition, which can accurately hit the target, effectively hitting the striker, without risking the most affected. However, not every pepper spray as a gas pistol and revolver help against dogs and drunks.

Firearms limited destruction (hereinafter Major Crimes) in our opinion is the most effective weapon of self-defense of what can be legally purchased in Russia, except smoothbore or rifled weapon that can be used by you in the case of self-defense in the home only because of legal restrictions. Under the Major Crimes in Russia meant firearms specially designed and adapted for shooting rubber bullets capacity of up to 91 joule. Unlike other means of self-defense has several advantages: effective self-defense distance increases up to 5-7 meters, the attacker gets pretty deep penetrating wounds, which undoubtedly must stop it, multiply charged weapons can have psychological pressure on the striker by the similarity of military weapons and loud sounds of gunfire. Of the minuses we have noted the relative discomfort of wearing a holster under his clothes and the respective application, weapons nebezotkazno in consequence it is not always of high quality manufacturing some manufacturers design their failures and mistakes in the choice of materials of manufacture. Such weapons require bringing to mind for reliable operation.

For other types of self-defense weapons (knives, baseball bats, and rubber batons, brass knuckles, nunchakus, etc..) Are considered in Russia illegal or criminal. And we do not recommend you use them as a weapon of self-defense, as they are for that in the opinion of our country are not designed and their application will be qualified not in your favor if you have any legal effect.

To summarize our review, we would say that there is no perfect self-defense weapon. In this regard, all very individual and depends on the situation in which it will be applied on your physical and mental readiness as rigidly as possible respond to the threat. The choice is yours!