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NEW! Bag Holster EDCpro "Enigma"!

On July 17, 2014 on sale officially enters the novelty of our production - holster bag EDCpro "Enigma", a more detailed description and video review can be viewed at our website:

On May 17, 2014 orders for bags, holsters EDCpro "Legend" of genuine leather in black

On May 17, 2014 also available in bags, holsters EDCpro "Legend" of genuine leather in black, the value of finished bags will be 4000 rubles and will be made to order.

New modification bags holster EDCpro "Legend"

On 27/03/2014 the start of sales of the new modified-holster bag EDCpro "Legend." Differences from the previous model to use tabs zipped of genuine leather, as well as a new fastening housekeeper in office for things. Good news for those who wanted to buy a bag, holster EDCpro "Legend" in brown, they also went on sale in a limited edition exclusive.

It's available in a new improved party bags EDCpro "Legend"

From November 5, 2013 at the sale the new and improved party bags EDCpro "Legend" of the recent changes back pocket has become even wider and a new modernized rope fixation of the shoulder belt, he is now in a shell that prevents it from breaking through the material of the belt. Also due to the continuous improvement of our bags for almost a year and a half, a little, and it increased by 10% of its price.

Date upgraded Bags-holster EDCpro "Legend"

From 28.05.2013 on sale Totes holster EDCpro "Legend" with increased under Ipad mini front pocket for things, and, most importantly a new eco-leather texture, which in appearance is no different from the natural, so now you can wear and office and on the beach.

ate updated bags holster EDCpro "Legend" of the third generation

Date updated bags holster EDCpro "Legend", let's call them the third generation. Among the innovations appeared in organizer compartment for things as well as some enhanced interior space and the thickness of the office, instead of Velcro in the office for your phone now contains magnets, the tabs on the zippers other forms, they have become a little shorter and thicker in the department for weapons supplied mount Velcro under the spare magazine.

Changes in the bag, holster EDCpro "Legend"

Now all Bags-holster EDCpro "Legend" is equipped with a carrying handle, in addition there was a ring in the weapons department for fixing trenchika also put a label sewn to the information that it "bag holster for carrying weapons" in the rear compartment, at the top parts thereof.


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