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Bag Holster EDCpro "Legend" of genuine leather in black

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Hello dear visitors!

Now you have a convenient alternative to traditional methods of carrying weapons in shoulder holsters and belt in the form of bags, holsters EDCpro «Legend".

Finally we have created a bag with a holster for concealed carry weapon that combines style, convenience and affordability!

Bag-holster our production has several advantages over its competitors. She is modern, with stylish and classic design. Our bag-holster can be worn with absolutely any clothing, from shorts with a T-shirt, and the last business suit. It remains possible to extract operational weapons.

Bag Holster EDCpro «Legend" allows to carry a lot of things that you need every day: documents, keys, cell phone, etc., while all is convenient and does not interfere with the use of the basic function of the bag-holster. Bag Holster EDCpro «Legend" with a hidden compartment for carrying weapons of various sizes. A distinctive feature of our bags, holsters - resistant to cut the shoulder strap with a thin steel cable inside. This case-holster designed to fit the latest trends, and in close collaboration with law enforcement agencies and practitioners-arrows.

Design bags holster EDCpro "Legend" is suitable for everyday wear. This bag can become your very favorite!

Holster Bag "Legend" made ​​of genuine leather, which provides sufficient stability and practicality of use, modern look that will be appropriate in every situation.

Instructions for use bags, holsters EDCpro "Legend"

in pictures in order to clearly see how to use it properly:

  1. Pass the shoulder strap through the carabiner internal or if you look at the location, the closest to the body half-belt in order to secure the bag with a holster for an even more rapid opening an office with a gun.
  2. For quick opening an office with a weapon sharp movement of one hand on the diagonal pull the outer half-belt, and the second hand, remove the weapon from the holster bags.
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  3. If for some reason you are not using one hand, it is also possible the opening of the two hands, using both half-belt. To do this, right or left hand, depending on whether you are right-or left-handed, hold the inner half-belt, and right or left hand and a sharp movement of the hand, pull the outer half-belt and remove the weapon from the holster bags.
  4. Take care that the bag-holster was located not too low and you feel comfortable to extract from her arms, ie Do not pull on them.
  5. Also, you can hang the bag, holster on your belt, for secure fixing her in two positions, ie, Shoulder and using the shoulder strap at a time.

That is so organically bag holster EDCpro "Legend" fits into everyday life. It can be worn with a business suit, and dressed in a casual style, as shown in the photo below:

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Suitable for the size (dimensions) of weapons from "Wasp" to "MTA"

Color Bags-holster EDCpro "Legend": black

Allows the owner to quickly open the bag and removing weapons

Trendy urban style, creating ease and stealth.

Bag Holster EDCpro «Legend" is intended for use for both right and left hand

Shoulder strap, resistant to cuts

  • Timing removable adjustable length
  • Just unfasten and fastens
  • reinforced with wire

For safety, can be worn under outer clothing

Top bags pen for convenience carry in hand

Semiring in the weapons compartment

Holster included bags cobra EDCpro «Legend"

Lie flat when worn

Outside front vertical zippered pocket

Outer upper Velcro pocket for mobile phone

Front zippered compartment for accessories required

including the size of tablets Apple iPad mini

  • You can put pens, business cards, flashlight, knife, multitool, keys, documents, etc..
  • 3 inside pockets
  • Removable key ring

The total size of the bag: 19 cm width, x 23,5 cm height, x 6 cm depth

The size of the rear compartment with zipper: 18 cm width, x 22 cm height


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